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Samuel Sock
I was moaning a couple of nights ago about how shit Aussie TV seems to have become recently when this advert for Clinkers* appeared:

Now I know a TV advert isn't a programme but it is still the best thing I've seen in ages.

*For UK types - Clinkers are a chocolate sweet that have a variety of coloured centres. Guessing what colour you get is always fun!
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I'm finding all the political shenanigans in the UK quite interesting at the moment especially the question of which party Nick Clegg will join to form a coalition.

I find it strange and don't quite understand why the Lib Dems would want to form a coalition with anyone. To me, it just makes them look like they're quite happy to ignore their own voters, supporters and principles to get some power. Why can't they just say they'll remain separate from the other two main parties and support/oppose them as and when?

Furthermore, is it in Britain's interest for the Lib Dems to form a coalition? If the Lib Dem's are in a position to influence electoral reform and with it, the introduction of Proportional Representation, then I can't see there ever being anything but hung parliaments in the future either. This in turn will perpetuate the need for collation Governments and result in there never being a truly elected administration running the country.

In a way I kind of want the Lib Dems join up with Labour (now that Gordon has said he will quit) just to see how the British public react - after 3 years of moaning about having an unelected PM they will now not only just have an unelected (and as yet unknown PM) but also a whole unelected Government. I can't wait for all the comments to appear on the BBC's HYS :)
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Given the speed that people in our office move at when there is free food on offer I think that the fire alarm should be replaced with a group email that says something like "Free Pies at Fire Assembly Point 1! Use Fire Stairs!". The building will be empty almost straight away.
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This time last year I had just survived being made redundant and worked a nine day fortnight in order to help reduce costs to my employer.

This time this year I have got more work on than I can possible get done in my standard week and as such have been working vast amounts of overtime to try and get things done. Because of this I've been far to busy to do simple non-urgent things like updating LJ. Today I have a spare few hours so I thought that I might get an overdue update done.

To explain my sickness I might do my update going back from most recent events...
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"Pah!" To Channel Seven and their inability to run to their schedule!

"Pah!" also for Channel Seven's excessive ad breaks and for making Pirates of the Caribbean (normally about 2 hours and 50 minutes) last 3 hours and twenty minutes.

"Pah!" to other people for ordering pizza before Hil and I causing a one and a half hour wait for out dinner to arrive.

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There is a Critical Mass protest on today in Sydney so I got the train to work instead of cycling as usual.

It's bad enough riding through sydney normally but when there will be more than the usual number of "anti-cyclist" drivers around I want to be well away from the place. I don't want anyone thinking I'm anything to do with those Critcal Mass idots.

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Yay! Australia is less corrupt than the UK!


And if you're reading this you've probably forgot to sponsor me in my Movember effort. Do it now!!

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After seeing the video released by the bus company itself I am wondering why the headline "Identity of cyclist 'who attacked bus driver' still unknown" doesn't read "Identity of Bus Driver's intended murder victim still unknown".

Okay, the cyclist shouldn't have been in the transit lane but that doesn't mean that a bus driver is given the right to try and kill the wrongdoer.

On a similar rant:
One cyclist shouts at a 64 year old bus driver (who just tried to kill said cyclist) and the media brands all cyclist as pensioner bashing scumbags and every anti-cyclist journalist and columnist (Miranda Devine and the like) are given unlimited time and opportunity to encourage drivers to 'take revenge' on any and all cyclists.

Conversely, a lorry driver throws fireworks into a bunch of cyclists. Media attention? Almost nothing and what little there is is written is with an anti-cyclist slant.
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I've been lugging my work laptop round a bit recently and got fed up with it being so heavy.

If I empty the recycle bin will it make my computer lighter? What if I set the screen to a lower resolution to reduce the number of pixels? Will that help?

Also, don't forget to sponsor me during Movember!
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Get you credit card then go here to my MoSpace.

That's right folks, it's coming up to Movember! A time of the year when strikingly handsome and clean-shaven men like myself give up our good looks and grow a Mo in the name of charity.

Anyone who knows me well enough will know that I can't stand having more than 2 or 3 days growth so this will be an interesting experiment for me.

So, if you're not participating yourself sponsor me here!!.
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